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ürgen™ is a music & movie catalog/database for non-audiophiles. It is truly the music & movie database for the rest of us!
The philosophy behind Jürgen™ was to make an easy to use, no frills, music & movie catalog that can handle everything you throw at it.
Easy to use and no frills because almost every other music & movie catalog released so far are for audiophiles, they all have tons of fields like "Rating," "Genre," "Concerts," "Labels," "Producers," "SPARS code," "Time" and many more.

Who needs it, for instance, who wants to enter "Minutes" and "Seconds" values after every song if you are not an audiophile? It will take you forever and what is to be done with songs on tapes and old vinyls and so on?! We have cut down on those fields and focused on the ones we think you really need.
Hold everything you throw at it because the sign o' the time is CD-boxes and most (all?) existing music & movie catalogs for non-audiophiles have like 15-30 tracks which simply will not cut it these days. Jürgen™ is built to handle everything from singles to huge CD-Boxes.


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